A brief overview of some of the bespoke and exclusive courses available to current and former players.

Higher or Further Education

Other courses and universities that the PFA Charity support which might be of interest to players.

Career Opportunities

The PFA Charity works closely with many training providers who offer bespoke courses to help players plan for the future.

Career Advice

Every footballer faces an important transition, from a player to life after football. Let the PFA Charity support you in this process.

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On The Board

On The Board is the Effective Board Member programme for current and ex-footballers and those working in the sport.

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Success Stories

The PFA Charity helps support player's to prepare for their future, here are just a few examples of those who have forged successful careers after retiring from football.

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The PFA Charity's Education department is constantly striving to increase awareness of the learning opportunities available to players past and present.