CPCAB level 2 Certificate in Counselling Skills (CSK-L2)

After the successful completion of the CPCAB L2, L3 and L4 in counselling, the PFA would like to offer the following L2 course starting in October 2019.


This course is accredited by the CPCAB (Counselling & Psychotherapy Central Awarding Body) & accredited by the Office of the Qualifications & Examinations Regulator (Ofqual) into the Qualifications and Credit Framework (QCF).

Who is the Course for?

The course is aimed at men and women who wish to develop counselling skills to work with others in a voluntary or employed capacity such as, health and social care, customer services, support work or any helping profession.  This course is suitable for candidates who have the willing-ness to explore personal development in a safe group environment and enhance their ability to work ethically and safely.

Benefits of the course

  • Take the first steps to becoming a counsellor.
  • Improve their ability to communicate effectively with others
  • Enhance ability to work with others in a helping role
  • Recognise barriers to your own listening.
  • Develop an awareness of self in relation to others
  • Listening to others on a deeper level

Entry requirements

There is no previous experience required, however, candidates will be required to have an interest in the helping professions and be open to learning about themselves and others.

Learning Outcomes

  • Use counselling skills ethically and safely
  • Establish and sustain the boundaries of the helping role
  • Work empathically as a helper
  • Focus on the helpee’s needs and concerns
  • Use self awareness in helping work
  • Use a range of counselling skills to facilitate the helping interaction
  • Use feedback and reflection to enhance counselling skills


Candidates who complete this unit may wish to progress to the CPCAB L3 in Counselling Studies. (CST-L3)


Trainer assessed completed portfolio, which is externally verified by the CPCAB and a written assessment which externally assessed.

Length of course: The course is delivered over 30 weeks, for 3 hours per week or 6 hours every other week.

Days: Sundays, 10 - 4pm

Venue: The PFA, 7-8 Philpot Lane, London, EC3M 8AA

Cost: £1100 per person

In addition the following courses are available for people wishing who have already completed a L2 or L3 course. To find out more, click the links below:

L3 Certificate in Counselling Studies

L4 Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling

All Courses are run in London and UK regions.

Contact and enquiries:

Denise Duncan

Email: enquiries@simmscandt.london or denise@simmscandt.london

Tel: 020 8469 2138 or 07957426769