The LMA Diploma in Football Management, academically accredited by the University of Liverpool, is joint funded by the Professional Footballers’ Association Charity, League Managers Association, the Premier League and the Football Association.

The programme has been built after an extensive period of research and analysis across the professional game into the complexities and challenges faced by those who choose to build a career in football management and coaching.

It is designed to be delivered on a modular basis, combining two residential summer schools and seven one-day workshops during the course of the year.

Focusing on leadership, personal development and wellbeing, the course provides the latest insights into modern football management. Held over 12 months, the Diploma is designed for football professionals and leads to a degree-level qualification.

The LMA Diploma in Football Management enhances your leadership abilities, sharpens your strategic thinking, gives practical insights into the modern practices of sports performance management and gives you a broader perspective on the many challenges and complexities of the football industry.

The programme builds on your proven talent and experience to deliver a set of practical skills that you use as you build your career. The Diploma challenges its students to raise their game, confront their knowledge gaps and refine their skill set. It inspires peer-to-peer learning, with all students sharing their experiences in a rich, collaborative learning environment. It brings together an experienced group of lecturers, experts and industry insiders, as well as engaging with many of the LMA’s senior members and current, top-flight managers to share their real-life experiences in the game.

You will graduate with a deep understanding of yourself and your personal leadership style, with an enhanced focus, confidence and a strong support network to make a significant impact as a leader in the game and to achieve your football career ambitions.

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