The PFA work closely with Sports Chaplaincy UK, the Sports Chaplaincy organisation, to ensure that players have spiritual and pastoral support in their working environment. 

The chaplain can be spoken to in confidence and is there for players of any faith and those who have none.  To this end, over 65 clubs in the Premier League and the Football League have a chaplain as well as a number in the Conference & lower leagues so players are able to talk through matters of faith at anytime. 

Sports Chaplaincy UK and their chaplains work with different faith organisations and have also helped football clubs to set up prayer rooms or quiet rooms to ensure that a player’s spiritual needs are being met.

With regard to our multi-faith society, it is important for us to ensure that professional players are supported during their careers whether they are Muslim, Jewish, Christian, Sikh, Hindu or any other faith.

We also work closely within our capacity in Football in the Community to ensure a number of clubs work to facilitate the different faiths within their communities for cohesion and respect. We are part of the Anti-Semitic and Islamophobia Working Group and are committed to ensuring Faith and Football work in partnership.