Point five:

The PFA have changed their constitutional policy to ensure that in the event of any incident that involves 2 players in a dispute, both players shall have a PFA representative to support and guide them through the procedure.

The process may involve an FA investigation whereby witnesses and statements will be ascertained as part of the investigatory process. This process can take a length of time that we are currently lobbying to improve to instil confidence in the reporting discrimination procedure.

Each discriminatory case is overseen by a member of the Equalities department who will liaise with the player, club and FA at your bequest, along with any intermediaries, We urge players to use the reporting system to ensure incidents are logged as whilst there may not be an outcome that is satisfactory at the time, the incident will be on record. It is important that matters are reported to the authorities through the correct channels rather than through social media.

The PFA is here to work with you throughout the process and we are only a phone call away. We will monitor all player related incidents and guide you through the process whilst seeking a swift and satisfactory outcome with The FA.

Monitoring cases is a crucial part of our own internal policies and if any PFA member of staff they feels they are a victim of discrimination in the workplace there are supportive measures in places.