Point One:

This commitment encompasses everyone that we are working as the Professional Footballers Association, to ensure equality of opportunity for every current player, every scholar coming through the system and every retired player who has come out of the game through age, injury or simply not being offered renewed terms.

This commitment extends to aspiring young professional players both male and female, regardless of faith, disability or sexual orientation, to the fans that follow the game with passion and honour, to the other football authorities, PFA Management Committee and to all PFA Employees.

We are all protected by the 2010 Equality Act which came into force to provide a modern, single framework with clear, streamlined law to effectively tackle discrimination.

The Protected Characteristics of the 2010 Equality Act ensure there is a legal commitment of support around the following: Age, Gender, Ethnicity, Faith, Disability, Maternity/Paternity, Gender Re-Assignment, Marriage and Civil Partnership, Sexual Orientation

Our commitment to all ensures that these protected characteristics are recognised and adhered to by us as a union and we will work to ensure our processes are transparent and accountable for the good of the game.