Point TWO:

Sanctions - minimum five match ban for discriminatory abuse in league fixtures minimum ten match ban for discriminatory abuse at UEFA fixtures

The PFA work closely with the governing bodies to ensure the rules of the game protect the players and the game. We will represent you with all cases around misconduct, grievance and disciplinary matters. If an issue arises around discrimination a member of the PFA Equalities department will support you throughout the case.

As well as laws of the game there are laws of the land and the Equalities Act 2010 ensures that any discriminatory matter that is proven has broken the law of the land.

A wider strategy for the game also exists which is actioning the Inclusion and Anti-Discrimination Plan that all Football Authorities sign up to and work together to achieve.

The FA introduced a new tariff of sanctions in 2013 to deal with incidents of discrimination which now covers all nine of the protected characteristics, including racism, religion, homophobia and disability. Sanctions now include,

  • A minimum five match ban for the 'least serious' discriminatory offences.
  • A second offence will include a minimum 10 match ban.
  • Players found guilty to attend educational programme.
  • Clubs who have two or more players found guilty of discrimination offences within a 12-month period will also face charges and could even have points deducted.
  • UEFA sanction minimum 10 match ban for discriminatory offences

We are also working to implement discriminatory abuse as a gross misconduct into the Standard Players Contract.

We are negotiating with the Professional Football Negotiating and Consultative Committee which includes representation from the FA, PL, FL to put this change into effect.