About Terry Angus

Terry Angus, Community Equalities Executive

Terry has joined the PFA as Community Equalities Executive and brings a wealth of experience from his time working within the Youth Justice System and also Connexions Service which included advice and guidance to those at risk of disaffection and involvement in community diversity programmes.

As a player Terry played made over 350 league appearances playing for Northampton Town, Fulham, Slough Town and Nuneaton Borough.

Terry works closely with football clubs and community departments to ensure players are supported and represented for social responsibility projects and programmes which is a key part of PFA work.

He is also driving forward data collation to ensure the statistical information that we have can be used to effect positive change. He supports the diversity and inclusion programme that the PFA are driving forward and considers the work that the union does in this regard key.

He will also support the Senior Player Diversity Programme and encourage and support players to speak out against discrimination in the workplace. “I am passionate about equality and eager to ensure players can utilise the support of their union in all aspects of their playing career both on and off the pitch.”