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The Professional Footballers’ Association (PFA) is the world’s longest established professional sportsperson’s union, putting us in a unique position to provide the best advice and support in every aspect of a player’s career and beyond.

Players can take advantage of a wide range of advice, funding and services, find out more below…

Current Tariffs

The following tarriffs are per season (July-June):

  • Professional Players: £150
  • Scholars: £20
  • Joining Fee (once only fee when first joining the PFA): £20

How to join

If you are at a Premier League, FA WSL or English Football League club on a full contract, your PFA annual membership will be coordinated through your club delegate and the club secretary. 

To check your eligibility to join the union for the current season, or for any other membership enquiries please contact the PFA directly on: 0161 236 0575 or email:

Supporting Current and former players 

The PFA Charity supports players past and present in areas such as Education, Wellbeing and Coaching.

Education funding

When focusing intensely on a career in football it is often too easy for players to miss the ‘bigger picture’ and neglect to prepare for the fact that one day their football career will come to an end.

All current and former players may apply for financial grants towards courses, leading to nationally recognised qualifications (academic or vocational). We’ve helped train pilots, dog groomers, teachers, plumbers and scientists - so whatever the next step might be, we are here to help.

Coaching qualifications

The PFA Charity helps to prepare members for a secondary career in football, such as coaching or management.

We help members attain FA and UEFA qualifications which are often mandatory requirements when applying for jobs in coaching and management within professional football. 

We work hard to provide a fair geographical spread of coaching courses across the country and run courses at times to suit both current and former players.

Wellbeing support and counselling

The PFA Charity provides members with a 24/7 counselling telephone helpline. This 'round-the-clock' support is available to all members past and present, and is underpinned with access to a national network of over 100 counsellors.

Where appropriate members can receive 26-day residential treatment at the Sporting Chance Clinic, which provides a safe, dedicated environment for sportspeople to receive support and counselling.

All services are private and confidential, players(or concerned friends and family) can contact the PFA Charity's Wellbeing department:

Hardship grants

Members who run into financial difficulty can make an application to the PFA Charity for financial assistance.

Further Benefits of PFA Membership 

Here is a brief summary of a few of the benefits of PFA membership...

Physical rehab, St George’s Park

The PFA offer week-long residential rehabilitation to all current and former members with medium to long-term injuries at St. George’s Park’s (SGP) state-of-the-art facilities.

Subject to availability, players can receive four days of intensive rehabilitation at SGP while staying overnight at the on-site Hilton hotel. Treatments will be provided by a range of experts including doctors, physiotherapists, strength and conditioning specialists, sports scientists and soft tissue therapists.

The intensive nature of the programme will help accelerate the recovery process and get players back to full fitness as quickly as possible.

Professional Footballers’ Pension Scheme - £6,000 contribution per year*

The Scheme for current professional PFA members (Premier League & English Football League) is relatively straight-forward - each season professional players have £6,000 per year invested on their behalf into a managed Investment Fund, overseen by a Board of Trustees.

The Scheme has undertaken a number of changes over the years, mainly triggered by government legislation.

For more information please contact the Scheme Administrators on 0114 256 7773 or email: Please note it is important that members update their contact details with the Scheme administrators.

*Current registered professional contracted players in the Premier League or English Football League

Medical grants

Professional sport can be demanding on the body in the longer term, the PFA Accident Fund provides grants to former members who may need medical assistance outside of the parameters of the NHS for injuries/illness suffered as a consequence of their football career – so this can cover areas such as physiotherapy, consultations, scans and operations.

Contractual Advice and representation

All contractual advice. Representation at a) FA Appeals; both field discipline and general disciplinary matters and b) Representation at tribunals; Premier League and Football League.

Accident and Sickness insurance

Accident and sickness insurance of up to £25,000 for players whose careers are cut short as a result of a specific accident or illness.

A death-in-service benefit

A death-in-service benefit for all professional players in the Premier League and English Football League of four times annual earnings to a maximum of £600,000.

Legal advice

The PFA is able to provide members with advice and assistance on a variety of legal issues in relation to all football matters.

Transfer List and Coaching Directory

These services connect members who are looking for work (either as a player or coach) with perspective employers looking to recruit.

For current players who are out of contract and looking for a new club it is important that they register on the PFA’s Transfer List. Clubs access the list looking for available players and can automatically obtain contact details for any player listed.

Members looking for work in management or coaching roles, physiotherapists and scouts should upload their details to the Coaching Directory, putting themselves in the market place and allowing perspective employers to contact them directly.