PFATV: An exclusive interview with Darren Moore

WBA Manager, Darren Moore 

“It’s vital that all players put themselves in a position to have another profession outside of football”, according to West Bromwich Albion’s Head Coach, Darren Moore. 

In an exclusive video with PFATV, Darren Moore says players have downtime after training, which could be used to expand their skill-sets and ensure they have the means to provide for themselves when their football career ends - or if it doesn’t pan out how they had hoped. 

A beneficiary of PFA support himself, Darren is also a long-time champion of the organisation, having been a player-delegate during his career on the pitch, and also sitting on the management committee. He was in the first cohort of players to take the PFA’s ‘On The Board’ course, which is an effective board member programme, designed to tackle board diversity and prepare current and ex- professional players to extend their careers from the pitch to the boardroom. 

Darren encourages players to use the resources at the PFA both in and beyond football, and to take courses and explore all the contacts the PFA have available. “The PFA is there to help and support you, but also at the same time you have a responsibility to speak to them. They’re there and available for individuals to take full use and advantage of what they do provide. You can use them to help you set up a plan for your life going forward”.

Currently managing the Championship side, Darren has had an acclaimed first year, taking over in April and leading the team on a short unbeaten run that saw him awarded Manager of the Month. He is now keeping the Baggies hot on the heels of the top two.  

Here, Darren tells us why the PFA is an essential part of football…