Sporting Chance Clinic

Inspired by his own recovery from alcoholism and founded in 2000; Sporting Chance Clinic is the brainchild of former Arsenal and England captain Tony Adams MBE.

Based on his experience, and what he felt was lacking, Tony saw the need for a safe, dedicated environment, where sportsmen and women could receive support and counselling for the kinds of destructive behaviour patterns that exist in the world of competitive sport, but that are often denied.

The PFA Charity is extremely proud to offer continued support and funding to the Sporting Chance Clinic and it has developed into one of the world's most innovative centres for the treatment of behavioural problems and is now an integral tool for our players.

"Sporting Chance is absolutely up there with all the medals I’ve ever won, the England cap and everything. I’m very proud of what I created here."

Tony Adams MBE

Sporting Chance provides a holistic approach to recovery recognising the need for treatment of the body, mind and spirit. The staff’s experience means they are able to understand the specific problems that high-level, high-profile sport can bring and provide expert guidance to members in need of help  in a non-judgemental atmosphere of peace, understanding and strict anonymity.

CEO Colin Bland: “The team are highly qualified, professional and expert in what they do. More importantly they all have experience of addiction in their own lives and have sought help. They are passing on experience and knowledge.”

“However, the team is only as good as the client, so If someone presents themselves and are willing to go to any lengths to get what we have, then they will succeed.”

Sporting Chance Clinic utilises a house and cottage within the grounds of Forest Mere, quiet and secluded from the main resort complex. Our clients have the privacy and safety of the clinic and at the same time are able to use the main complex for gym work, swimming and spa facilities. The clinic also benefits from eating at the award winning Champneys restaurant where the food complies with their nutritional beliefs.

Treatment ranges from residential courses, one to one counselling or if geography is an obstacle a referral to an affiliated service.

For more detailed information on all areas please visit the Sporting Chance Clinic website:

To speak to someone in confidence please contact the PFA or alternatively Sporting Chance directly.

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All services are private and confidential, players past and present (or concerned friends and family) can contact the PFA Charity: 

Sporting Chance Clinic